Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 55

7 secrets to successfully hire employees

by Marina Larskaya

Are you already in charge of your own studio?

If not, then just imagine you are and read this article for future reference. If yes, then all the more reason to read it.

When you become an employer and not an employee, your life changes dramatically. Now you’re not the one who gets hired, you’re the one who interviews people. It can be hard shifting from one role to the other. And these 7 secrets will definitely help you with that.

1) You’re not needy

Yes, of course you need employees, maybe even badly need them, but it’s best not to show that to then. Remember, you’re the one who gives, not the one who asks. You’ve got the upper hand, and if you make an effort and follow my advice, you’ll be able to attract lots of people.

2) You’re not imposing

This point overlaps with the previous one. If you’re not needy, you’re not imposing. Don’t beg potential employees to choose your salon. Remember, you’re not trying to sell yourself, your salon or your jobs. It’s people whom you interview who are selling their skill. You’re the one who decides if you want to hire them or not.

3) You’re not looking for money bags, you’re looking for people

When hiring people, refrain from temptation of simply making money off of them. Your main goal is to hire good reliable staff. You need decent responsible people, not their money. Sometimes it’s better to hire “green” lash technicians and teach them everything yourself than to offer spots to seasoned professionals who have their own client base. They’re very likely to start trying to play boss.

4) Your social media looks great

People always judge the book by its cover, no matter what they say about what’s inside. So, potential employees will always study your social medias closely.

It goes without saying that big communities with regular interesting posts will attract attention and make people trust your studio while empty unattractive groups will just be repulsive.

5) Your job descriptions are original

Nobody likes dry unattractive job ads. Interesting creative people buy into flashy, lively, unusual texts. Want to attract artists like this? Show them your creativity!

6) You’re confident in your success

Remember that our thoughts create our reality. If you keep thinking you won’t be able to achieve anything good and will only attract clumsy crooked technicians, that will happen. Make yourself believe you’re a great leader of a successful salon and amazing talented employees will line up in front of your doors. You’ll just have to choose best of the best!

7) You’re inspiring

That’s, probably, one of the most

important aspects. Only the leader

who shoots for the stars, has lots of

creative ideas and love what they

do will be able to inspire their

employees as well so they give their

best. Believe in what you do and

your lash artists will believe in you!

And don’t just stop here.

Remember, you’re creating a

process. Something that you can

use repeatedly and improve over

time. And remember the most

important thing: don’t just hire

employees. Build a strong and

committed team, and you won't

need to use your recruitment skills ever again! :)

by Marina Larskaya

Beauty business entrepreneur, owner of RQLashes

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