Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 53

3. As much as it's hard not take to heart, in fact it's impossible not to but, you have to keep focused. When you hear anything bad about yourself, your business or your treatments it's very easy to carry that feeling all day. What is that then doing? It’s stopping you running your business. And you end up taking your eye off the ball because of them! Which is not constructive.

4. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambition and bring out the best in you. Other salon owners, business owners and great friends and family are the best people to be around.

Thank your haters. I know I do. They motivate me to be even more successful and I know for a FACT that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wasn’t bullied in the beginning.

Are competitors competition?

Unfortunately in our industry I am always hearing lash techs slagging each other off and salon’s slating other peoples work. Why, why, why do people do this? We should be encouraging each other!

Ok, If someone opens up down the road from your business, that is hard and scary and worry sets in and what we call “competition".

But why do we call it competition? There is NONE. Ok, we might be marketing to the same audience and we all might need new lash clients, but each salon and every therapist is unique. Even if that “competitor” does similar work to you, takes your marketing ideas or produces amazing work - they are NOT YOU! No one will ever be the same as you even if they tried as we are all built differently, we talk differently, we lash differently, our personalities are different and our salons are completely different. And that is why there are plenty of clients for everyone.

I love the fact that I get on with all of the other therapists in my area, we comment on each others work, give each other feedback and rise each other up. Plus if a therapist was to go on holiday or couldn’t fit someone in we recommend one another to accommodate clients appointments. However, there are some therapists which don’t act like this, but, it’s best to use my tips above and stay away from those types of people.

I am lucky enough to have taught a lot of the local girls too. A lot of people say to me 'why are you creating competition for yourself?' but for me i’m not. There are enough clients for everyone and I am helping people to establish an amazing career.

Collaboration over competition

One of my fellow lash professionals who some people would call “competition” within my other business gave me the heads up to write this article. He also said something to me the other day which stuck in my head “Collaboration over competition” which is 100% true. When great people get together, great things happen. Thank you so much Jamie Butler from Lash Base for giving me the inspiration to write this article.

On that note stay successful, keep building your business, always keep your eye on the ball and stay humble.

Katie Godfrey

KG Salon / KG Professional

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