Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 48

Lash Apprentice

of the Year

Kelsey Chester

Taking on an apprentice is always a risk in business, however not when the apprentice is Miss Kelsey Chester.

Kelsey has just been crowned Lash Apprentice of the Year in South Yorkshire and we visited her to find out more!

Kelsey started her lash career only 11 months ago where she began working at the Zoe Mizon Lash Academy in South Yorkshire. Kelsey was employed by Zoe to become a lash artist in their ever so busy lash salon and training academy.

She was taught Classic Lashing and Elleebana Lash lifting at the very beginning of her career and then moved on to Volume after only 6 weeks of training. Kelsey is now creating absolutely stunning sets of lashes that are getting huge engagements on social media and is getting clients returning again and again.

Kelsey began her journey back in September last year straight from school at only 17 years old. Zoe Mizon had advertised for an apprentice and she saw the advertisement and immediately applied. However Zoe had received hundreds of applicants for the position so was busy sifting through the applicants when she had a phone call from a friend she had not seen in a very long time. This friend was in fact best friends with Kelsey’s Mum and had heard how much Kelsey wanted the position. Zoe agreed for Kelsey to come and have a chat about the position, and literally 10 minutes after the phone call there she was!

Zoe said “I knew from that moment how keen Kelsey was and how much she wanted the position, sometimes when apprentices come you can tell they are only there because their parents have encouraged them. Kelsey was different, Kelsey was confident and not your typical 17 year old”.

Kelsey began working in the salon full time and quick took her hand to every aspect, being a true willing team member with photography skills of a professional and confidence that the salon needed. She became a true asset from the word go.

Just before Christmas last year another Team Member left leaving the extremely busy salon really short staffed, but Kelsey stepped up to the mark. After only training in volume for 4

weeks, she stepped up and battled through full columns of clients with hardly any complaints.

Zoe said “I really don’t now what the salon would have done without Kelsey last year she was an absolute god send to us, and for that I will always be than thankful”

Kelsey said “I can honestly say joining the team at Zoe Mizon Lash Academy has been my best decision in life yet. After undergoing my training at the academy I completely I fell in love with the art of lashes and knew from that day on I wanted to put all I had into making my sets the best they could be and one day be as good as my fellow colleagues. Following the leave of a previous team member I knew it was either make or break for me, I had suddenly gone from a few models to a full to a full diary of clients at Christmas time too!! I had no choice but to step up to the mark and not let these ladies down, and without doubt this made me the lash artist I am today.