Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 47

Another benefit of using electronic consent form is the ability to draw on real customer’s picture, showing them how they might look with various stylings and letting them choose what they love most.

You could also demonstrate to the customer that some effects might not suit them or even might make them look older or sad. For example, if someone with sad eyes and downwards growing eyelashes is asking for the cat eye, then by drawing on their picture you could show how unsuitable this styling would be.

The aim of this article is to share this great idea with you.

You can prepare your own electronic form and use it with Notability or any other similar App.

Here are few important tips on what to pay attention to while creating your own consent form:

- Make sure that your form contains Privacy Policy

- Do not collect unnecessary data

- Add opt in and opt out areas for marketing purposes

- Store your client’s data in a safe place

- Protect your iPad by password

- Add your Terms and Conditions to it

- Add section which contains information about patch test - what products have been used, when it has been done, etc.

- Add information about Client’s requirements - style, mapping, eyelashes used, etc.

- Leave space for additional notes and Before & After pictures

- We recommend iPad Pro or any other new generation iPad, which is compatible with Apple Pencil.

If you are struggling to prepare your own E-consent form or simply don’t have time for it, we have prepared one for you.

You can purchase our pre-made form (in MS Word or Pages format) on our website and personalise it to your needs adding your logo, changing texts, amending terms and conditions etc.

Our form comes with the step-by-step user guide.

After purchasing the form you can join our group on Facebook - ‘E-consent form for work with note-taking app’.

There are some video tutorials to help you use your E-consent form efficiently.

With so many benefits of E-consent form, why wait to make your business digital and more customer-focused?

Julija Baltulioniene

Owner & Creative Director of Juli - Lash Art Studio

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