Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 46

How we went paperless

Sharing the real benefit to your business

By Julija Baltulioniene

Today I would like to share my modest contribution to the Lash Industry, which might be a true benefit to your business.

A couple years ago, we started using the E-consent forms instead of paper documents. This brilliant idea struck me when one of my clients arrived after a two-year break and requested the same styling I had done for her in the past. It was truly a nightmare to go first through the booking system trying to find the date she last came, then to dig into the paper storage searching for her consent form by the date. Luckily, my memory worked well and I managed to recall what exactly was done for this client. But at that moment, I immediately thought how amazing it would be to have an electronic database with a search engine, so that by entering customer's full name one could find the corresponding consent form and their data in seconds.

For the next few months we were searching for a developer who could create an App to suit our needs. But we found out that some similar applications already existed on the market. We also realised that creating and maintaining such an App for the Lash Industry would be too expensive. However, I was still looking for a personalised digital solution. So I researched various programs and found one – a simple note-taking app which allows us to work with a template of electronic consent form.

The App is an excellent solution. It has a search engine and you can easily find the client by name and surname, as well as export the documents in PDF format to your Dropbox or Google drive, etc., or print them out right away.

We had been working for almost half a year on creating a perfect template of the consent form to be filled by a client with their personal data, medical history, agreement to the treatment and a digital signature. The second part of the form is to be accomplished by a Lash Artist - entering the patch test information, the data about eyelashes used, styling and mapping (drawing lines using stylus), as well as some additional notes and pictures. Also, one of the useful features of the App is that you can use voice recording in case you are busy and want to write your notes down later.

The E-consent form works on most Tablets. It requires only a stylus pen and a note-taking App. The form could also be personalised with your logo on it. To work on it effectively we suggest installing Notability app, as this is the application we currently use.

Basically, the Electronic Consent Form we have created is a pre-filled PDF document, which aims to replace the paper consent forms. I would say that our idea is a handy and efficient solution for everyday document processing. It enables convenient storage of all necessary clients’ data in a practical digital format. It helps you minimise the administrative work and to focus on what you truly love – eyelashes!