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As a gentle rule, you always want to gain and keep the clients trust. If you have a nervous client then err on the side of caution when selecting lash curls/ lengths. You might be better off selecting a more natural curl such as a B curl even if you think a C would be better. If the client is nervous, you will gain her trust and ease her into lashes gently then she can decide in time if she wants more. Going too long or too full on your new and nervous client could lead to losing them. Your nervous lady won’t leave you for doing a subtle set. Let her feel comfortable with her new look and ease her in gently.

Never be deceived by how your client looks when they walk in. She may have no makeup on and look very natural purely because she’s getting lashes done and not because this is how she likes to look. Always ask how much makeup she normally wears. Does she wear strip lashes and how often. She might look like a gentle wall flower purely because she’s getting her lashes done but you don’t know unless you ask she might not normally leave the house without two sets of strip lashes on.

Maintaining lash health

Lash health is so important. Selecting the correct length and thickness without causing any strain on the lashes. When selecting length you shouldn’t go 3mm longer then the length of the lash in the middle and not longer then 1mm in the inners. I know it can be tempting to go longer and I have done myself but at least be aware of the lash limits. If you do go a little longer then keep a good eye on the lash health. Some clients can occasionally go a little bit longer so just bear in mind their limits.

Lash diameters - again you don’t want to put too much weight on the natural lash. Years ago we were using 0.20 and 0.25mm thicknesses that’s shockingly bad for the natural lashes. As a general rule, you really should be using a maximum of 0.15mm but you must double check what diameter that client’s lashes can hold. The way we do this is simple. Select a natural lash in the middle and isolate, then pick up a 0.15 for example. Without any adhesive, place the false lash next to the isolated lash. The false lash should look the same diameter or less then the natural lash, not thicker. You can select a thinner lash extension if you wish.

There are of course many more questions and techniques to create a superb lash consultation these are what I have come across in my 10 years year of lashing.

I’m Kristina Shepherd. I’ve been a business owner for 10 years and my business is called 27 two 6 Beauty. It started its life in a room in a hair salon. In 2017, I took a leap and expanded into a huge 1300sq ft salon. It was a mini supermarket when I got it and I transformed it into a luxury boutique spa and lash bar. We do everything at the spa through specialise in lashes. I also have a second aspect to my company called KSLA (Kristina Shepherd Lash Artistry) where we offer accredited lash education courses at a few locations around the U.K.

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