Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 44

The hidden psychology of consultations

By Kristina Shepherd

Consultations are the most important part of any lash treatment especially lash extensions. It can literally make or break a set of lashes. This is not just an insurance requirement but the key to your reputation as a Lash Artist. Yes, during any lash training, they will teach you how to do a basic consultation but becoming a great lash artist goes far beyond a few yes or no boxes on a form and can sometimes take years to master.

Lash consultations can have a hidden depth of psychology. It’s our job to discover what our clients want even when they sometimes don’t always know themselves.

From the moment your client walks in the door you should be studying her features, eye size, brows, microbladed or natural features, hooded eyes? Deep set? wide face or narrow face? How does her face naturally fall? You need to study all of this as you greet your client.

Gaining trust and building a professional relationship

Make her or him feel confident and comfortable. Take their coat and seat them. Offer them a coffee. All this will allow your client time to feel at ease and not under pressure. Always be confident yet calm so your client feels they are in safe hands.

Sit with your client. Never be standing and talking while your client sits. Make sure your both at the same level and really listen and allow the client time to talk as she may have a lot of questions. It’s important to allow her to have the time to talk and feel that she can ask anything, even if it may seem like a stupid question. It may seem a silly question to a Lash Artist who has done thousands of lashes but to a new client, they may not understand what happens during the treatment.

It’s very important to find out if they are taking any medication. All medications will enter the blood stream within 23 hours and by that method, enter the lash follicle. This can affect the health of the lashes in a positive or negative way depending on what the medication is. Excessive vitamin A & C in the diet can sometimes create extra oil therefore could disturb our lash extension bond. If the client is under any type of chemotherapy then this will fill the lash follicle with toxins and cause the lash to fall out. Lashes that the client does have will be weaker and won’t be suitable for lash extensions. Excessive stress is another factor that can cause lashes to fall out prematurely and will take a while for lashes to recover from this type of trauma. Uncontrolled diabetes starves the lash of glucose which is a natural nutrient for it so lashes are not getting the nourishment they need.

So many things can affect our lashes. Many clients won’t be forth coming with this information and most won’t see any connection between their medical conditions and getting lash extensions. This is why we must find out.

Next, what look does our clients want with their new lashes? You might be lucky and have a client who knows exactly what they want and will tell you exactly the mapping, curls and lengths they want, or you might have a lovely client who says she wants super full, long, high impact glam lashes... yet natural and light. Don’t we just love these clients. So we put our detective hats on and the work starts. We need to firstly determine why our client wants lashes, what is the occasion, everyday wear? Wedding? Holiday? Find out.

Has he/she had lashes before? This I feel is the most important question to ask! So many clients get lashes and so many have bad experiences. The client could say they have had them done before and it was a complete disaster so find out why. What went wrong, were they painful? Did it rip out her own lashes? Some lash establishments are shocking in what they do to clients. If it’s their first time then they might think that it’s normal to be in pain. They might think lashes ruin your natural lashes, so many clients still think this so use this opportunity to explain that this is not true.

Again, we use this chance to show our knowledge and reassure the client. We need to find out what happened in all their previous experiences with having lashes done, good or bad. Obviously, we’re not going to recreate any previous disaster but we can show our knowledge and experience and explain how this happened, and what we will do to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It’s really important to gain and keep the clients trust.

When our clients say they want natural, my natural and yours could be completely different. It completely depends on what her perception of natural is and what she thinks lash extensions are. An older client or one completely new to lash services could be thinking that lash extensions consist of big 60’S Bambi lashes and have no idea of how natural lash extensions can be. So always be mindful of what your client’s perception is of lash extensions.