Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 40

Stand out with colour

By Hannah Georgina

My name is Hannah Georgina and I am a lash educator based in Nottingham, UK.

I have been a lash artist for 9 years now and 4 years ago I set up my own lash training and distribution company, Vanity Lash.

As a salon owner myself, I have managed to incorporate lashes into my beauty menu and they make up almost 50% of my salons annual turnover.

I am now about to launch my brand as a franchise into salons, hotels and spas across the UK. I believe that many lash technicians train in a day and are pretty much left to it meaning they make costly mistakes and knocking confidence – this is something that I want to extinguish.

On this model, I decided to use purple and blue along with black.

I chose these colours because of her natural colouring. I decided to use the primary colour of blue because her eyes are green and a secondary colour of purple to contrast.

By using black lashes too,

this gives the lashes more


The black lashes are 0.18mm

C curl 12mm and the

coloured lashes are 0.15

C curl 11mm.

I blended the lashes by

applying black lashes first

to both eyes ensuring they

were equally spaced, then

added blue, purple and

black one by one until each

natural lash had an extension applied. I am passionate about natural lash health so I have applied them 1:1 (one to one).

For someone with blue eyes, I would suggest blue lashes with any secondary colour.

Brown eyes would really suit yellow as a primary colour with red or bronze.

You also need to take into account your clients’ hair colour – a natural red head would look amazing with bronze and red lashes.

Blonde haired ladies would look striking with blue or pink.

Obviously for competitions or photography work you can play around with white and possibly not use black lashes for more impact but not so natural for everyday wear.

Since we have marketed this new offering via social media platforms, we have had many clients asking to add some colour when having infills!

Applying colour takes more time to ensure that they are spaced out evenly therefore an extra charge must be added for your time. I have been charging an extra £5 for infill prices and £10 for full sets.

Business tip:

Offering coloured is a perfect up sell to your clients.

Offering something slightly different from your competitors keeps your one step ahead in your local area.

Hannah Georgina