Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 26

Now for some sensational Oscar winning performances!

The 2nd Edition of the Oscars Online Lash Competition was brought to you by Marta Wiatr from Glam Lashes UK.

Marta was awarded 'Best Online Lash Contest' as part of the Lash Industry Inspirational Person Awards from Lash Inc magazine. Congratulations Marta, An amazing achievement!

Classic Look Master

1st place Klaudia Wazna

2nd place Petra Schreiber

3rd place Maja Kiszka

Classic Look Expert

1st place Janni Frederiksen

2nd place Joanna Piechaczyk

3rd place Emma Lund

2D - 3D Volume Junior

1st place Ilse Koetsier

2nd place Yulia Korchahina

3rd place Santa Ayub

2D - 3D Volume Master

1st place Anastasija Nikulina

2nd place Agota Pasztor

3rd place Sárka Hunešová

2D - 3D Volume Expert

1st place Sanne Gilbers

2nd place Simona Bruno

3rd place Janni Frederiksen

Mega Volume Junior

1st place Tran Phuong Anh

2nd place Malgorzata Hardek

3rd place Lissa Araujo

Mega Volume Master

1st place Paulina Kozyra

2nd place Maja Kiszka

3rd place Katarzyna Anderson

Mega Volume Expert

1st place Danuta Bialek

2nd place Hina Hsieh

3rd place Fejes Adrienn

Nude Look Master

1st place Ilona Knap

2nd place Sandra Yip

3rd place Maja Kiszka

Nude Look Expert

1st place Diana Prangli

2nd place Jennifer Longstaf

3rd place Roberta Girdzeviciute

Fantasy-Lash Art Master

1st place Meri Antonic

2nd place Maja Kiszka

3rd place Ilona Knap

Fantasy-Lash Art Expert

1st place Eenink Romanenkova

2nd place Sonja Bogesch

3rd place Tarryn Gill

Lash Lift Junior

1st place Malgorzata Hardek

2nd place Melissa Bruno

3rd place Klaudia Wazna

Lash Lift Master

1st place Olga Kloc

2nd place Lucie Kadlecova

3rd place Petra Schreiber

Lash Lift Expert

1st place Sanne Gilbers

2nd place Sarah Johnson

3rd place Sarah Johnson

World Lash Artist Online 2018

Maja Kiszka

with 5124 points

3 entry levels depending on experience:

Junior (up to 1 year)

Master (1-3 years)

Expert (over 3 years or trainer)