Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 17

I met Loreta quite a few times when I was competing in international competitions. She was one of the Judges (naturally!) and I had chances to talk to her. She later invited me to train her Flawless

brand in London and I

was proud to accept the

offer. I arranged to take

the teacher training

qualification and

became a trainer

in 2017 and when I train

students, they earn

Loreta’s Flawless

certificate. I adore

Loreta’s lashes as they

make volume fans

easily for me and

Loreta seriously helps

me anytime I need and

she answers my

questions quickly.

I train lots of Asian students who find me through Instagram and my website and I also have opportunities to see how other Flawless trainers work. The Flawless team went away to Somerset with Loreta and I was so pleased to have been awarded her ‘Flawless lashes by Loreta UK mentor of the year 2018’. Wow!

Congratulations Manami, you really have had an amazing journey. You have travelled around the world to Judge and that sounds rather glamourous! Tell us about it.

I met so many people from all around the world at the competitions I went to. There was one male lash tech in Lash Battle in 2016 who recommended me to the organiser of the International Eyelash Competition in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017. I was then invited to judge so there was someone there from Europe. I was so excited!

If I get and offer, I will go as every moment is a great new experience. I have to pay for all my travel costs and expenses but I make it a holiday and my mum

came too. Sometimes the organisers

pay for some of the hotel and that


I was a Floor Judge at the Lash Battle

this year in Glasgow and again for

the UK Lash Social’s online competition.

I’m currently judging in Ho Chi Min City

in Vietnam as I’m being interviewed!

It just started for me. Everything

is new for me, even the speaking at

the Lash Social.

Tell us about that Manami

It was my first time speaking at a conference. Genevieve messaged me to ask if I would speak at her UK Lash Social. She wanted me to cover styling Asian eyes as she wanted it at her conference. She was asking me to talk about styling with L curls but I don’t use the L Curl as they have a strong impact on the eyes. I wasn’t sure I should do it in case it wasn’t something they wanted to hear. I just pushed myself though! Around 80% of my clients are Asian so I’m becoming better known for my particular way of styling. I’ll share more about why I don’t use L curls for Asian styling along with tips on how to style them in an article for the next edition of Lash-Ed!

I felt so much pressure. Whilst I have judged, this was my first time speaking in front of lots of people and I was very nervous and uncomfortable. I prepared by practicing in front of the mirror and in front of my husband using the remote control as a microphone!

I have been to many conferences and some of the greatest lash artists are not necessarily the best at speaking. From my experiences at them, I wanted to be engaging and make it fun for everyone so I needed to keep it simple. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation for it. I could have given so much more technical detail but as I was speaking for such a short period of time so I had to be careful to keep it simple. I have been invited to speak at a conference in Tokyo, Japan next year too and I am so excited by this. When I am in in the UK, I get asked a lot about Asian eye styling. In Japan, they want to know about styling European eyes and how to compete in competitions!

When did you set up your business Manami Lash?

I was renting space in a salon and

I was just know by my name, Manani

Edwards. I set up Manami Lash in

2016. It was just me and my salon is

still in the same building but I have

moved rooms maybe 6 times - each

time for something bigger!

I grew Manami Lash by inviting

students who I had trained to join

me. I hand-picked people who were

not only talented, but also shared

my passion for great customer

service. I now have a fantastic team

of 5 Lash Stylists and I continue to

coach and support them to develop their skills and knowledge. Two have just entered their first competition. They both placed with one wining 1st place and the other winning 3rd place. Now the other members of my team are keen to take part too!

What top tips do you have to those entering competitions?

Join! Just sign up! Pay for it! Do it! A lot of people believe that they are not ready – even my team. I was like that too! But they really are ready. You just need to know what judges are looking for and focus on the category that you want to win. I told my junior Lash Stylist to just do it before her level of experience moves her into a harder category. She has just competed at Olympia and she placed! I feel so successful but they did practice and prepare very well and their knowledge and skills really improved. So I pushed them, a bit like Hanna pushing me! They took their own models that they liked to work with so it made them as comfortable as possible. If a junior’s work is clean and beautiful, she’ll get good points! I went along for the Award presentation and I was so proud of their success!

My next tip would be to do the work so the judges can’t take points off. Sometimes the work doesn’t look like ‘wow’ but if it’s clean, you can’t lose points!

You need a good model! I sometimes took my own models who I had practiced on as they were easier but I didn’t necessarily win all the time that way! My 1st Place in Poland was with a model that they had supplied for me.

Thanks for sharing your amazing lash journey Manami!

Read Manami’s tips on styling Asian eyes in the next edition of Lash-Ed! It's unmissable!