Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 16

Meet . . .

Manami Edwards

The very talented Manami Edwards talks to Julie Knight from Lash-Ed magazine about her lash journey!

Tell me a bit about yourself

I’m 32 and I was born in Japan. I met my husband through friends and we have now been married for 6 years. We live in London where I am based and I love it.

I studied English Literature in Japan but I could only speak a little English. I wanted to learn so I moved to England and enrolled in a Language school. I started working in a Sushi shop where I had to take telephone orders in English. I was terrified but this really helped me to learn and to become a lot more confident.

I took a Nail course and that was my first job in beauty. I started working as a nail tech in Selfridges in London in 2012. I worked at both of their branches but it was mainly in Bond Street. I was under pressure to talk to customers and I was a little nervous about my English. I asked my manager if I could do lashes as I had already learned to do them in Japan but hadn’t taken it any further. The thought of not having to talk as much to lash clients meant that I wouldn’t feel so pressured!

They sent me on one day course but it wasn’t great. The senior stylist I worked with coached me in Classic lashes and I learned and developed a lot more practical skills that way. I started looking for other courses where I could learn more.

I started offering a mobile service in 2014. I was seeing clients in the evenings and weekends on my days off. Even though I have a salon and a team, I still have mobile clients but I have told them that I’ll be stopping that next year! Building up my own client base was very tiring and I went part time at Selfridges before leaving altogether in 2015.

What made you start taking part in competitions?

My first competition was the Lash Battle in 2015. Hanna Putjato from London Lash Pro was the organisor. I did my first volume course with her and I may have been one of her 1st or early students! She saw the model I had been working on and she said that I should compete in competitions. She messaged me when Lash Battle was launched and encouraged me to join up. I didn’t think I was ready. I didn’t know what it was or what to expect as there were no competitions in the UK then. I would not have competed if she hadn’t encouraged me!

I competed in both classic and volume nominations. It was so difficult, crazy. I was nervous. I won 1st place in the Classic nomination! I thought that I had won another as I was presented with another trophy but I was placed in the wrong category so it had to be returned. That’s why I decided to join the next competition - to get it back!

I travelled to Poland and competed in their 3-4D nomination where I was awarded 1st place and I placed 3rd in the 5-6D Volume nomination. I went back to the London Lash Battle in 2016 and took 1st place in the Nude Look and 3rd place in 3-4D Volume. I went on to compete in the

Lash Games in 2016 at

London’s Olympia and

won 1st place in the

2-3D Volume. It was

great to go back

there this year and

see 2 of my team win,

especially as I had

trained and coached

them through their

lash careers!

Chieko won 1st place in the Classic in the Novice category and 3rd place in 2D volume. Yuri won 3rd in the 2D volume Master category. I’m so proud of them both!

What got you into training?

I never thought that I would be a trainer when I was doing the competitions. I was getting messages from loads of people asking me about training, especially from Japan. They wanted to know how to compete in Lash Competitions in Europe and whether I offered training. So that got me thinking that maybe I should become a trainer. I didn’t want to do it at first. I worry so much and have no confidence. I didn’t want to compete anymore and wanted to move on and to help others to grow and succeed like me and I just wanted to share my passion.