Lash-Ed Issue 3 October 2018 - Page 10

5 mistakes you make on Instagram

by Hanna Putjato

Instagram is huge nowadays. It’s a massive social media platform which is overtaking all other media platforms. And it’s amazing. Because if you are selling any product or any service - wise usage of Instagram can lead to great sale increase. So do you make much money out of your Instagram? I do. And I really hope that you do too. But if not, then read carefully. Today, I'll tell you about 5 biggest mistakes you make on your Instagram which stop you from selling your eyelash services there.

Mistake number 1

Not having clear information about yourself

Look at your BIO - does your audience understand who you are and what are you doing? Do they understand where are you located? Do they understand why you are better than other people who are selling the same service? Check if your email address is correct, check if your phone have an international code included - your clients might be travelling from abroad and they need to be able to call you without googling your country code to paste in front of your phone number.

Mistake number 2

Bad quality pictures

I’m always telling my students - if you want to be come across as a professional business - then you need to look professional. When you make a photograph of eyelashes with no lighting, shaky hands, dirty phone lens and not even bothered to do a slight skin retouch afterwards - will you look as professional as big cosmetic brand - L'oreal or Chanel? I’m really sorry guys, but you won’t.

Good news is - in order to make good quality photos, being able to stand out of the crowd and sell your services successfully, you don’t need to be a photographer or hire a photographer. All you need to do is to follow these few simple rules:

1. Clean the lens

Whether you use a professional

camera or just your phone - make

sure your lens is clean. It must be

absolutely spotless, otherwise your

picture will look blurry. If you take

pictures with your phone - please

note that newer versions of phones

give you way better quality than the

old ones. So maybe it’s time to

upgrade your phone.

2. Good lighting

Remember, it’s impossible to take

good photograph without good

light. Photographers are investing

thousands of pounds into their

lighting equipment. You don’t need

to invest that much - all you need is

a Glamcor lamp or ring light. They

will give you bright cold light. I

personally prefer Glamcor lamp

as it’s very easily adjustable, so if

you want to take a picture of the eye when client is laying down on the beauty bed - it’s much easier to move glamcor lamp around rather than ring light - it’s a bit bulky and heavy.

3. Pay attention to details

It’s so much easier to correct some

little things on the go rather than

retouch them after. For example:

if one lash is popping out of the lash

line - brush it in or if it doesn’t get

brushed in, just ask your client to go

lay down and close her eyes again -

and remove it gently with your

tweezers. When you are taking a

picture - always check your client’s

inner corners - nothing could spoil picture more than sleepy bits there. Check your client’s eyebrows - if there are any extra hairs, maybe you can take a pair of tweezers and remove them. Check if any makeup or foundation got into fine lines around the eyes and doesn’t look neat. Please pay attention to all these details.

4. Do a slight skin retouch if needed

When you are doing close up photo of the client eye, her skin will not always look great. Even the youngest and freshest skin. So before you are uploading this picture on Instagram - ask yourself, if this photo is ready to go online or if it needs any further retouch? In order to retouch it, there are plenty apps you can use. My favourite are Snapseed and Facetune. If you are not very technical and you don’t want to retouch photos yourself - you can use services of professional retoucher. There are websites like where you can find a retoucher for as cheap as £15-20 an hour. For one hour this retoucher can edit skin on at least 4-6 lash photographs, which will come up to £2-3 pounds per photograph. Is it expensive? Not really. But it will make a massive impact to the look of your photos.