Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 97

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 The 9 Lives annual campaign begins on 8th November 9 Lives is a registered charity dedicated to helping the cat population on Lanzarote. As many of you know, the island is full of abandoned and feral cats which are condemned to live short, brutal existences. Feline AIDS, leukemia, parasites and malnutrition are just some of the factors that mean a feral cat on Lanzarote will live, on average, only a couple of years. However a single female cat can be responsible for producing a population of up to 1,000,000 cats over ten years and therefore we have to address this problem The 9 Lives neutering campaign aims to catch as many of these animals as possible and sterilise them in order to reduce the problem. It is a massive task, and one that needs to be undertaken as often as possible. 9 Lives also promote and set up cat feeding areas in hotels and tourist areas – a successful programme that balances the animals needs with tourism. For the neutering campaign, which will begin on 8th Novemebr, and lasts up to 2 weeks 9 Lives bring volunteer vets from the UK, who are assisted by cat-catchers, drivers, carers etc – all working on a voluntary basis. They target problem areas on the island and return the treated cats to the wild when they have recovered. Cats are also routinely rested for leukemia and feline AIDS. . As part of this project 9 Lives desperately need as much help as they can get. They are looking for any volunteers who would be willing to help in this vital campaign, as well as sponsors and equipment. Even if you can only spare one day, it will be appreciated. 9 Lives appeal for: • Volunteers (no physical contact with the cats is necessary). Bilingual Spanish/English speakers are valuable to explain the programme to local residents, but everyone is welcome. It’s hard work, but the sense of reward is well worth it. • Transport is essential although can be teamed up with drivers Sponsors/donors: A target of €2,600 pounds (€3,100) is needed for the medication costs to treat an estimated 300 cats, although the number may rise. • Equipment: 9 Lives need cat baskets; steel tables, cat food sterilisation units for medical utensils for operating; printing companies to provide ID cards for volunteers and many other supplies. ************************************* Please call us if you can identify any areas where wild cats are a problem. ************************************ 9 Lives would like to thank the Ayuntamiento of Tias, who have pledged to publicise the campaign in the relevant areas, and all our other supporters. We will be holding a meeting before the campaign to organise rotas for volunteers, if you wish to volunteer or make any contributions of the above, then please contact: Bernie via 9lives website or Telephone 928 520 781 or Mobile Numbers 628 592 287/635 961 255 E-mail: Licensed charity No. 036500387807.5