Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 85

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 It is said that we each have a book in us. Well, not quite everyone but there is some truth in the saying. If I told you how easy to write a book would you do so? There are many myths about being a published writer. Most people think their story is not interesting enough. Not true: The very popular television soaps use story lines that happen to ordinary people in other peoples lives. What the author really does is write the plot which is then given to a ghostwriter to complete. The reason they are called ghosts is because you never see their name on the book’s cover. Depending on how much attention is needed the ghost will co-write, edit, add flair, flow and dialogue to bring the rough draft up to retail standards. YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK Here is a good tip: Write as you talk, the only difference being that you use your finger instead of your tongue. This is why we relate to them so easily. How many books have you talked during your life. People are fascinated by the stories of others. What books are selling well? They like to think of how they would handle situations if such an experience happened to them. Surprisingly or perhaps not surprisingly the best-selling novels now is erotic fiction otherwise known as mummy porn. Women are very good writers and readers. The Daily Mail reports soaring sales due to the surge in eReaders digital books. The ladies empathise more easily than do men, especially in emotionally charged stories. Interestingly, women tend to write for women. Another cop-out is the claim that ‘I don’t write well’. Women are snapping such erotica up. Being able to pay and download them at home or work means there will not be any blushing at the check out. Did you know that most famous name authors do not not write books. Romance in all its forms is popular just as are true life stories that engage the readers. If they do they do not necessarily write well but they are good at creating plots. Family histories do not sell well but are useful as ‘time capsules’ for extended family to enjoy. Next time you browse in a bookshop reflect on the fact that 40% per cent of all books, 80% (in the case of celebrities), are not written by the person whose name appears on the book’s cover. Michael Walsh, ghost-writer can be contacted on 966 786 932. UK clients welcome. by Mike Walsh