Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 76

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 Of course, not everyone was resident here in April 2012, or perhaps hadn’t registered. In that case you will only be entitled to free state healthcare if you are working, either with a contract, or as self- employed/autónomo. This would mean that you’ll be paying Social Security contributions, so can register for healthcare. Registering is essentially as in the other two scenarios, except you won’t need anything from the UK – instead you’ll need your vida laboral. If you have dependents, they will also be covered & you’ll need to register them as your dependents at the INSS. Not everyone under pensionable age comes here to work though. Lots of people will come to retire early expect to live on savings, a company pension or similar. These people cannot access state healthcare in Spain, so will need private healthcare. In some regions there is now a ‘buy in’ scheme to state healthcare, known as the convenio especial, which means that once you have been a registered resident for 12 months, you can use the state system for a monthly fee. For someone under the age of 65 this is currently 60€ per month & 157€ per month, over the age of 65. Some private health insurers charge less than this, but the main advantage of this scheme is that all pre-existing conditions are covered. Not all regions offer this scheme, but the plan is that it will eventually be available nationwide. Children. All children under the age of 18 resident in Spain are entitled to free state healthcare. It isn’t always easy to convince the powers that be, that this is the case, but here’s a link to the info. on the govt. website. gabinetePrensa/reformaSanidad/faq.htm Prescriptions. In the UK, prescription charges are set at a flat fee per item, regardless of what the medication is. Here in Spain we pay a percentage of the actual price of the medication. The percentage paid depends upon your personal circumstances. As a general guide, pensioners pay 10%, with a cap of 8€ a month if annual income is under 18,000€, a cap of 18€ a month if annual income is between