Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 7

Cofradia de Pescadores  La Tiñosa “Cofradias de Pescadores” are best described as fishermen’s guilds, representing the interests of those working in the fishing sector. These guilds often run their own restaurants and La Tiñosa has such as restaurant at Plaza Varadero, next to the fishing port in the Old Town. https:// Mardeleva Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 Mardeleva (left) is a family-owned restaurant in the Old Town (C/. Los Infantes,10) which has been recommended by a few people on Lanzarote. Given its proximity to the port, the main focus of the menu is on fish and seafood! Taberna de Nino There are two outlets of this restaurant: one off the Avenida and the other with an excellent view of the harbour in the Old Town. In spite of what the Facebook profile below says, they are NOT based in Mexico but in the Canary Islands! Terraza Playa This restaurant (left) is very well hidden from view; the only indication that it exists is a notice board on the main Avenida (above). Whilst the food is decent quality rather than spectacular, its location is superb: right on the beach. If you want a restaurant with no distraction other than the sounds of diners talking and eating, this is certainly worth a try. Please be aware, however, that access is by steps only, so unfortunately this restaurant could be difficult for people with limited mobility to get to. Puerto Calero Puerto Calero (right) is accessible by bus or a €10 / 10 minute taxi ride from PdC. Puerto Calero is one of Lanzarote’s more exclusive areas with a range of cafes and restaurants overlooking the marina. Behind the food and drink outlets, there is a parallel pedestrian street with an extensive range of upmarket stores.