Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 60

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 AL/AL Some words are actually the same – or very nearly!! radical universal essential horizontal gradual radical universal esencial horizontal gradual TION / CIÓN Lots of English words which end in TION, will end in CIÓN in Spanish& will generally mean the same. tradition celebration hospitalisation investigation ventilation tradición celebración hospitalisación investigación ventilación LY / MENTE There are 100s of English words which end in LY – in Spanish they will end in MENTE here are just a few – there are many more finally naturally normally immediately perfectly finalmente naturalmente normalmente inmediatamente perfectamente ARY/ARIO Many English words ending with ARY, will end with ARIO in Spanish canary extraordinary hereditary imaginary necessary Lynn Cobb Learn Aprender canario extraordinario hereditario imaginario necessario IC/ICO, MENT/MENTO, ISM/ISMO & IVE/IVO These are easy – often you just put an O on the end…….. yes I know some people do that to everything – but sometimes you really can! athletic atlético document documento electromagnetism electromagnetismo patriotism patriotismo effective efectivo exclusive exclusivo NCE/NCIA A lot of English words which end in NCE, simply change to NCIA in Spanish audience ambulance violence tolerance existence audiencia ambulancia violencia tolerancia existencia OR/OR Some hardly change at all…if indeed at all…. actor error radiator pastor ulterior actor error radiador pastor ulterior TY/DAD Many words which end in TY in English, change to DAD in Spanish security entity curiosity electricity reality securidad entidad curiosidad electricidad realidad AND IT EVEN WORKS WITH LOTS OF VERBS…. IFY/E to AR/IR adore use imagine introduce decide interfere justify simplify modify adorar usar imaginar introducir decidir interferir justificar simplificar modificar So – with just those tricks you can increase your vocabulary by 1000s of words – literally! …… and because it has been such a hot summer – I can’t think of anything better than this…….. watch?v=IW6UNOyjIs0