Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 49

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 The sand is a dazzling white and the sea is perfect aquamarine. There´s not a sun lounger in sight, just that fabulously feral and untouched preservation of a National Park. I take a small cooler pack and a good book and I have my perfect afternoon. The tides can be quite strong at this beach on the north west of Graciosa so just be aware of that when you´re enjoying the ocean. To finish of my stress free day, after my jeep driver drops me back to Caleta del Sebo, I go to a cafe. My favourite one just at the left of the harbour, once there, I order a nice bottle of wine and some extraordinarily good Puntillas. For information on the ferries and camping reservations, check out the following links: By now I am perfectly ready to head back to camp for a great night sleep under the stars. Ferry Do I want to go back to mainland for work tomorrow? No. Las Conchas beaches-coves/las-conchas/ Caroline has lived in Lanzarote for ten years and so can be considered a Lanzarote native. She has previously owned and operated her own bar and manages a health and beauty business which she has set up from scratch. Reservations for Camping https://www. reservasparquesnacionales. es/real/ParquesNac/usu/ html/inicio-reserva-oapn. aspx?cen=8&act=%208