Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 48

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 After working six day weeks, like many of the residents living here in Lanzarote, that one day off has become a day to treasure. Sometimes I just need a break from the daily routine and familiar places, to chill out, recharge, and feel that I am making the most of my free time. ISLAND FEVER Of course, time is of the essence, as I have to be back at work the following day. So where do I go? I choose La Graciosa! This small island, located north of Lanzarote, is a perfect little haven for an overnight stay. I leave my car in the fishing town of Orzola, where there is plenty of parking, and take the ferry over. With proof of residency, the return trip is around €10 and a bargain at the price (and €20 for all others). The ferry takes about 25 minutes to get you into Caleta del Sebo and they run with frequency.. I have also made this journey on the water taxi, a high speed rib, costing not a lot more. It´s choppy between the islands, and you can get a little wet, but it´s great fun. On my first overnight trip, I stayed in some of the apartments that are available to rent. They were basic but clean and good value. by Caroline Parker On my last few trips I have opted for camping. La Graciosa has a fabulous camping site, virtually on the beach, and it´s free! All you need to do is reserve your plot online, providing all your details, and print off the reservation. Be sure when you get to the campsite to find your plot. They are all numbered, and if you are not where your booking states you should be, the warden will make you move. Nobody wants to put their tent up twice (Of course, if it´s quiet, and you flutter your eyelids in confusion, you might just get away with it)! The facilities are basic. There are toilets and a shower block with cold running water. Flip flops, toilet roll and torches are essential! The block is unlit at night. Once I have set up camp, I like to head back to the port, a mere 5 minute walk, and get a coffee in one of the various tapas bars. As for the rest of the day, you can take your pick of things to do. You can rent bicycles, or hike one of the various trails around the island. All of these trails lead to different beaches and the exertion is worth it. The beaches are absolutely stunning; my favourite is Playa de Las Conchas. I prefer not to walk the 5km there, so I hire one of the ready and available jeeps to drop me off and pick me up at a pre-arranged time. It costs roughly €5 per person. At drop off point, you have a short hike down to the beach and the view is breathtaking.