Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 127

What is it? Founded in Lanzarote by Stevie Mitchell & Adam Simmons, Lanzarote Business Club (LABC) was set up to fill a gap in the market for businesses to network, meet informally, with other businesses and share experiences to help one another. You don’t need to let us know whether or not you wish to come; just turn up! What are the benefits of LABC? The business advice we give is, of course, strictly confidential, and so we never publicise the names of people or businesses that we have helped. The club is affiliated to Marina Alta Business Club S.L (2006) (www. However, to give you a little bit of, drawing on the structured insight, we have helped one business approach and camaraderie of completely change their operating belonging to such an association.  model with a significant reduction in costs and another uses LABC What happens at our members as a sounding board for new ideas that the business has to meetings? try and increase customer volumes. The meetings are a mixture of: • Networking; • Information exchange (your latest news, projects, offers); • Needs and Wants exchange  (What do you need, what do you want? Have other members experienced a problem similar to yours? How did they overcome these problems?) • Occasional guest speakers, who can provide information on, for example, changes to the tax regime which affect business, or how to get the best out of a business Facebook page. One of our recent guest speakers gave an interesting talk about business security; • Socialising.  The meetings are busin \