Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 126

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 On the Airwaves Those of you living in the middle of the island may have noticed that BuzzFM is back on air on 88.7 Fm, but only from Montaña Mina, so no coverage down in Playa Blanca. For those of you with digital TVs (DTV) and have done a recent scan to see what stations have come & gone, then BuzzFM has come, they are doing test transmissions from Femes. The info at the top of the TV screen says Buzz.FM, which is not correct for their website. It should be  From their website, they also have an app for your smartfone for you to listen to them if you’re out of range of their Mina transmitter.  Talking of DTV, Lancelot TV is on most of the TV masts around the island and provides local news and cultural information in Spanish. There was talk a while back to supply a daily one hour program in English, but I’ve not seen anything yet. Either at the end of September or the beginning of October a new English community radio station will be on air with transmitters on Femes and Montaña Mina. The station is called Radio Juan and they will be transmitting on 92.8 and 97.4FM.   This will be live programming with studio guests and some outside broadcasts too. Listening to Spanish station Ondas Yaiza (98.9) there was a trailer for The Mix radio program (in English) that is going to air soon. This program started as a bi-lingual program on Radio Tias originally, then appeared on PowerFM for a while doing live outside broadcasts from tourist locations. We’ll see what guise it takes next. Scotty Silver now does 5 days a week (3-5pm) on PowerFM. (92.2/99.2). The only live & local program coming from PowerFM. To contact Scotty 689 085 539 or by RADAR There is an evangelical station in English, Radio Adventista on 100.9FM with studios in Arrecife. Until next time, please keep listening.