Lanzarote Grapevine Issue 2 - Page 124

Issue 2 | The Lanzarote Grapevine 2014 This can take a while to stop the money coming out of your bank account. If you can’t get a landline for any reason (sometimes there are not enough circuits available down the street or Movistar can’t be bothered!), then the Movistar shop assistants might offer you something called Movistar 3G Fusion. This is where a small box and antenna are installed in your house to pick up the 3G signals from the local Movistar tower. This will give you what is known as a ‘virtual landline’ and ADSL via their 3G network. This can also be a good deal, despite Movistar limiting the amount of data download on this system to 3GB per month. This can be a big limitation, so make sure you try to get unlimited data download on this tariff. The maximum speed that I’ve seen via fixed lines is 10mb/s (+/-) with any ISP (except ONO in Arrecife, of course) Orange offers a sort of Fusion service too, but they keep changing the names of their services, so at the time of writing this it could be called anything. If you go down the Orange road then they will still be using the Movistar landlines. The main problem is that if your ADSL goes down, who do you report the fault to? You phone up Orange, and they say they’ll get Movistar out to look at the lines. If you phone up Movistar, they say that you’re getting your ‘extra services’ with Orange and deny the fault is with them. In the meantime, you’ve no internet! Things are changing - slowly Six months ago, The Spanish government announced that they are to spend large sums on rolling out fibre optic around the island. This sum is very vague as I’ve seen anything from 5€ million to 40€ million depending on what press articles you read. Whether this is for certain islands or just Lanzarote, I’m not sure of that either, but whatever it is, they’re made a good start and you’ll see contractors laying ducts down the side of the road in the villages. Last week they were in Yaiza, using the ducts that were originally put in by an old Telecoms company called Funca. I understand that there are installation time-scale penalties so, hopefully, in the next few months, internet speeds will increase dramatically. In March announced that they are in talks with ONO to merge services. I’m not sure how this will stand with the Spanish monopolies commission as Amena (now Orange) are already tied up with ONO. The ISPs above offer a variety of mobile tariffs (independent of the ‘Fusion’ type of tariffs). There are another 10 or so mobile operators that provide services throughout Spain. The other providers ‘piggy-back’ on to one of the main 3 operators above. The main one on the island with a high street presence is Yoigo, and they use the Movistar network. Again the tariffs vary weekly, but if you have a Smartphone and want unlimited data download, then at the time of writing there is no ISP offering this. Most offer 500 mb up to 2GB per month, with Vodafone offering 4GB per month, but it’s not cheap. You can get a SIM only deal, or one that you can get a phone thrown in with the tariff. There is 3G over most of the island. Points (a) and (g) come in to play here. Playa Quemada has only Vodafone coverage. Charco de Palo is patchy with Orange only (just GSM (2G) and no 3G at the time of writing). Las Brenas has it’s own village system but unless you’re at the top of the hill going in to the village there is only Movistar. 4G is being rolled o