Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 6

CONTENTS 01 01 DECEMBER 2017 23 UP FRONT 34 O7 09 20 PHOTO OF THE MONTH The editor’s pick from the most striking work being planned this month MONTH IN REVIEW News and events from across the landscaping world at home and abroad 5 TOP TIPS A word from Urban Street Designs on choosing a steel and finish that lasts REGULARS 40 6 Landscape Insight | December 2017 23 44 48 50 AT HOME Exploring Stroud Valley’s Museum in the Park by Austin Design Works OPEN STUDIO Sitting up and taking notice with the Terrafirma Consultancy’s team MR FIRM Lateral Design Studio’s MD gives us the low-down on his business THE LAST WORD We hear a fe rv&G2g&GFWrW7F&WBFR6RbFRGW7G'