Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 35

SUPPLIER FOCUS CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES COTSWOLD HILL STONE AND MASONRY Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry, based at Cotswold Hill Quarry near Cheltenham has produced high quality building, landscaping and masonry stone for 35 years. In 2014 Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry took over Birch Hill Quarry, situated deep in the Royal Forest of Dean. This quarry produces Pennant sandstone, renowned for its excellent characteristics of weather resistance and strength. Working closely alongside many large building companies Cotswold Hill Stone and Masonry supply various finishes of building stone to suit their customer’s requirements, be that rough dressed, sawn or dressed faced, walling, paving, together with all architectural masonry dressings. Tel : (Cotswold Hill) 01386 584384 or (Birch Hill) 01594 372023 | Website : GREEN BLUE URBAN Tel: 0800 018 7797 or +44 (0) 1580 830 800 email : Website : The London Borough of Islington had invested a lot of time and treasure in their quest for solutions to the many sclerotising problems inherent in the Archway Gyratory road layout at a critical point of the A1 route out of the City of London towards the North. In 2014 consultation and project development was taken in-house by Transport for London with clearly defined objectives: • Reduce traffic dominance around the town centre • Improve the accessibility of the junction for cyclists • Improve safety and the perception of safety • Provide a [new] high quality urban realm • Protect the capacity of the A1 GreenBlue Urban were delighted that Transport for London opted for the GBU ‘state of the art’ tree pit package deals incorporating RootSpace RootDirectors, RootRain Irrigation, Geonet, soil, and Thames Guards and Castle Tree Grilles. They were chosen as they allow virtually any style of surround paving to be placed within the trays and continue right over the tree pit whilst providing the structural support required. Having Archway Gyratory featured on the front cover of the London Mayor Transport Strategy 2017, Grayham Tindall, Transport for London arboriculturist, writes: “TfL are continuing to improve the environment for the health and wellbeing of our customers. Planting trees in the streets of London has many challenges, in this instance these were solved using a cellular system. We have found GBU very supportive and their products delivered all the requirements and expectations.” December 2017 | Landscape Insight 35