Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 34

SUPPLIER FOCUS CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES ASHWELL TIMBER Tel: 01375892576 Website: The environmental imperative behind reclamation is so glaringly obvious and there are indications that something is changing. Architects and landscape designers are making often breathtaking choices in their use of reclaimed materials. Yet reclaiming is a dirty, surprising, and often sometimes thankless process that requires passion and commitment to sustain it. One business located in deepest Essex has found a way to do this. Ashwells has quietly built a reputation for supplying high quality material for architects and engineering companies by re- framing the way we think about reclamation. They have the pleasure of sharing this innovative Garden Room project; a Garden Room that was designed to meet the client’s specification. When asked to summarise their requirements they said: “We wanted something that would look natural and fits with the environment; we wanted wood that looks like wood; wood that would be robust and long lasting.” Once the client’s wishes were known we were approached by Daniel Brown of D Brown London Services. It was decided that the best timber to fit the project would be Jarrah; Eucalyptus diversicolor, which originates from Australia. Not only is it an extremely durable timber but it provided the striking red colour. The clients were also pleased that the timber had some ecological merit. Ashwells had reclaimed it from Tilbury Docks in Essex. In a previous life it was the decking boards for pedestrians walked over to board the ferries. Once reclaimed it had all the metal removed and was sliced down to make this striking cladding. THE CONTEMPORARY FENCING COMPANY “Bespoke fencing is a just few clicks away. The Contemporary Fencing Company’s new website app ‘The Fencing Calculator’ is the fastest way to cost your cedar fencing project accurately” says sales director Dominic Brice. “It was developed to make life easier for specifiers and buyers allowing them to get prices for both bespoke and standard fencing with a few simple clicks. We have had excellent feedback for the app it has been used hundreds of times already. Most people use it as a guide to work out how much a project might cost, if it’s within budget they would call up and place an order, or ask for a trade discount code to apply to the basket.” For more complicated projects,The Contemporary Fencing Company’s team of experienced sales staff are on hand to offer advice and design solutions to the trickiest fencing problems. They can also provide quotes working from site drawings and plans. The mathematics behind the app not only calculates how many standard panels you might need and the size of any infill panel, it also gives an option for equal sized panels and calculates the best width panel to use for any given run. To try the app for yourself visit fencing-calculator.htm Tel: 01227 273214 | email : | Website : www.contemporary 34 Landscape Insight | December 2017