Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 31

AT HOME STROUD VALLEY’S MUSEUM IN THE PARK Complete client and project team: Client Team: Kevin Ward, Museum Development Manager; Ann Taylor, Learning and Programmes Officer and Hellen O’Conner, Visitor Services Manager. Fred Ward, Friends of the Museum funding body. Cleo Mussi, project artist. Stroud Valleys Projects Ltd, community volunteer group. Project Team: Lead Consultants for Landscape and Architecture - Austin Design Works. Structural Engineer: Richard Jackson Engineering Consultants. Quantity Surveyor: Broadhursts Ltd. Services Engineers: Greenguage Building Energy Consultants. CDM Co-ordinator: C&G Safety & Environmental. Main Contractor: DJP Construction Ltd. Size of site: 2,000m 2 from him and we wanted to keep the name but we to take that particular person of the top because it was important for us to have a diferent approach. It just seemed to make sense that with all our experience to combine things. It’s a bit like building the business again, not totally but it is. We’re relatively young, although we’ve got this big heritage and we’ve taken on this role, we’re relative newcomers actually, as a practice. Is it a small team or have you got staff? There’s eight of us in total. We have the experience of our long-sufering father who was there 40 years on the job or more. Then we’ve got designers, architects, an assistant architect and then we’ve got our technicians and our practice manager. I call upon all of those skills, it’s so nice. They all know all the projects and all get a chance to learn a bit of landscaping. But when it comes down to Latin stuf that’s where I have to get involved. December 2017 | Landscape Insight 31