Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 30

AT HOME STROUD VALLEY’S MUSEUM IN THE PARK What was the build time from tools on site to completing? The project started in 2014 because the funding had to be in place for the pavilion building that we did the architecture for. Volunteers then cracked on with what they could, making planters, sifting soil, putting in pathways and taking cuttings for trees. Whilst they were doing that the main contract was happening. In the meantime the funding was being found for the entrance way work - that’s the winding path, the paving and the lighting. I told them that they needed to put provision in for the lighting, even if it’s just the cabling. You have to futureproof your project because you may wish to use it later. The client asked for a price and then set someone to work on funding it and finding the money. It’s made the space so versatile for them. At this time of year it starts to get dark earlier, but they can still use the outside space. It has been used for a few weddings now. The actual building is designed as a teaching and learning space, and it’s been used for that and so much more. It’s functional for them. If you had to take away one thing that you, boiling down each project into what you’ve learnt, what have you taken away from this one as a professional lesson? I think the professional lesson I’ve taken away from this is to leave your ego a little bit behind. You still have to have it there, 30 Landscape Insight | December 2017 but it’s quite hard as a designer to say ‘fine, someone else do it’. It’s not a hands-off job, so it’s hard? It is in some respects in order to make it work. I’ve made the project function whilst being beautiful even without the icing on the cake. Budgetary constraints meant that - it is a community space - it’s really necessary for stakeholders to have that space there. The love put into it shows because it’s been looked after. When you compare that to some private gardens where you do all the setting, then the maintenance isn’t there, it’s a bit disheartening. Here it’s been carried by the community and it looks stunning. I think it will continue to evolve and be cared for. You have to say why your project is worthwhile. The other thing is that they have been the best client team. We haven’t experienced such a nice client for a long time and I think the reason is ultimately ]^H\\ˈH\H\Bٙ\[ۘ[[^H\Hٙ\[ۘ[[]^Hˈ^H\][H\\š[[HXZHHYX\[ۜˈH[›ٝ[[H]Y[۸&]\[B[^x&\H[\[X[[\][H[[\[[ۙ^BX]\H^H۸&]\[\[Yܚ]KH\H][]8&\[H[[\\[]•x&\HH\XܜˈYX\YBYH\[\H\]\\[\]X \\H[B[^Hܘ[]\\[\]X ^H]\\[^H\\ˈB\H\[\][ۈ[x&]Hܛۂ\]\Yۚ[ˈ[[[\[˜[]Xۈ\H\HYY\[]\H]HH[وB\HYX\\K\Y[]Y]\[\X]\܈X[HYX\ˈHݙ\