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is published monthly by Mulberry Publicaions Ltd. EDITOR’S LETTER TICKING THE RIGHT BOXES Editor : Michael Northcot T his month I had the pleasure of learning about a specially designed Walled Garden Project, for the Museum in the Park, Stroud. The landscape Editorial Assistant : Shekina Tuahene Producion Assistant : Karly Besnard Account Manager : Patrick Durham-Mathews Accounts : Apex Business 01481730418 Customer Services : 020 3176 6185 Contributors Mathew Ausin, John Harte, Rachael Emous-Ausin, Alison Galbraith architects were Austin Design Works, tasked with navigating the requirements of the local authority and charitable trust which were funding the work. Rachael Emous-Austin explained to me how the imperatives that drove those two stakeholders meant that a certain level of designer-ego had to be taken out of the equation, but that the inished result was something all parties were happy with. I found this to be an interesting idea – design is an inherently commanding activity. It is the directing of a site’s shape-building in the same way a ilm director shoots scenes. What a complex intellectual exercise to somehow simultaneously be the director Design London Mulberry Publicaions 154-160 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2DQ Tel: 020 3176 6185 The editor and publishers do not guarantee the accuracy of statements made by contributors or adverisers, or accept responsibility for any statement that they express in this publicaion. The opinion of the contributors may not necessarily be the opinion of the publishers. Aricles are considered for publicaion on the basis that they are the author’s original work. No part of this publicaion may be reproduced, stored In a retrieval system, or transmited in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, with the permission of the publishers. but also take a back seat where necessary. You can see the results in our At Home feature this month, and I’m sure you’ll agree it is a beautiful piece of work. This month our other features include a photo-spread of a development for a home in the Peak District, a supplier focus and case studies feature to help you identify some new suppliers in a range of diferent categories, and of course our regulars 5 Top Tips, My Firm, The Last Word, and Open Studio. I hope you enjoy the issue. Michael Northcott Editor Landscape Insight December 2017 | Landscape Insight 3