Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 28

AT HOME STROUD VALLEY’S MUSEUM IN THE PARK we came up with the idea of providing space for an entrance way, so as visitors walk through the garden they aren’t immediately confronted by a lift or stairs. Firstly, as you enter the space you walk through a series of gentle ramps leading up to the main entrance. As I’ve previously worked with housing associations before I was aware of the DDA compliance and making access easy for everyone, even those who are ambulant disabled. We made over 20 ramps so that it takes people gently to the gardens without even realising they are ramps. The idea was that it wouldn’t be obvious but it provides an easy way to get around, instead of an outdoor lift. So a big part of the focus was on accessibility? Yes, it was the one complication that we had to find a solution for - we needed to provide a way people could travel over three metres high without the need for the lift. Also a big focus for us was working with the client. I’ve not worked quite so heavily with such a community engaged client before. Some of the funding comes from The Friends of the Museum, which is the charity part of the museum. They hold events and people pay a subscription to join, therefore they are like a big 28 Landscape Insight | December 20