Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 27

AT HOME STROUD VALLEY’S MUSEUM IN THE PARK T alk me through what shape the project took The project was a local authority venture for our client, Stroud’s Museum In The Park, led by Kevin Ward. Ultimately, it’s a public project so for us it was a new experience from our usual kind of work. It was deinitely similar to work experience in the sense that once completed, you have the ability to tackle other local authority work. There was a lot more red tape than a normal client relationship - originally, they wanted to hire someone to perform the job and a separate landscape architect, but we were able to ofer a combined package as I’m a landscape architect and my brother is also an architect. In the end we were able to agree a combination that meant them not having to tender separately for the landscape. The concept and planning scheme was already completed by a land-use consultant and Knox Bhavan Architects. The funding was in place for the building but not for the landscaping work at this point. The planning-approved scheme originally involved an outdoor lift, which wasn’t attractive to the user or the people funding the project. We re-visited the concept again, efectively producing a new scheme that would attract funding and made the museum happy. That’s where December 2017 | Landscape Insight 27