Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 21

We can supply products for all of your landscape needs and also offer technical information, experience and design support in the following areas: Providing tailored landscape solutions for Garden Designers and Architects. Green-tr ee soils and growing media A range of soils for all projects from Certified British Standard topsoil and subsoil to Amenity tree soils and soils to prevent soil compaction, whilst protecting trees in an urban environments. Green Roof Installations We have a wealth of experience in urban greening projects; we offer seminars, technical drawings and project-specific assistance when planning a green roof. Mona tree irrigation system An advanced and proven subterranean irrigation system that offers a robust solution and can be incorporated into your project to maintain effective irrigation of plants and trees. Soft planting Access to the largest range of tree shelters, guards and all rural tree planting essentials necessary for bespoke housing developments through to large-scale planting projects. John Chambers Wildflower Seed We will help you to create a wildflower scheme to meet your specific criteria, taking into consideration bio-diversity, location, flowering periods, colour scheme and project aspirations. For more information call us on 01423 332 114 or email Request a Brochure today