Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 14

MONTH IN REVIEW APPOINTMENTS ANDREW GRANT APPOINTED CHAIR OF BATHSCAPE LANDSCAPE PARTNERSHIP Andrew Grant, founder and director of Bath-based landscape architect Grant Associates, has been appointed chair of Bathscape Landscape Partnership. Grant will help shape the future strategy of the Partnership, which aims to beneit Bath’s unique landscape for people, communities and heritage. Bathscape Landscape Partnership is made up of a wide range of public, private and charitable organisations including Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES), National Trust, Cotswold Conservation Board, Avon Wildlife Trust, Bath Preservation Trust, the University of Bath, Bath Spa University and Wessex Water. The partnership wants to enhance the heritage, landscape and wildlife value of the setting of the City of Bath World Heritage Site by engaging the community in its care and revitalising its use for health, recreation and fun. Grant will replace Dr Marion Harney, director of studies - Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes at the University of Bath - who was chair for three years. Harney’s achievements included securing a Heritage Lotter H[Y H[YB][[[]\[ۙ[œܘ[[YHوX]]Y\ۛۂ\H[\H\\\[YHܙ\]\x&\˜Z[\˂M[\H[YX[X\ M•H\[H[Y]HHY][ۈقx&\X[X[\]H\ܙ\ˈ8&x&BX\KX\[8&\ܛ\[[H\X܂STQSPTS‘VSU0BHPURTUSӂ[\HX\[BX\[\X]Z\YKX\ۘܙ]HX[YX\\Bܛ\[H0HX[ Hܛ\XX[\\[[\ܛ[]\X[Y[Y[][ۜ[X[YX\\BYH[Hوۘܙ]H\\۝Z[Y[[X\[\ۘܙ]H[\X\HX˂H\[H\Yݙ\L[H[ M[[\\˜\[X][H L[K[وH\H\Y]]›X[YX\[]\]Y[Y\][[ۋX\[ܚ\KHۋHܛ\[YH\X\[H[]›X[Y[\X܈ZZHX^B[H^Z[ۋX\[&Hܛ\[[B\X܋X\KZY8'B\[H[Y]H]HY][ۈقx&\X[X[\]B\ܙ\\XX[›\\[ۋ[[XH\ٙ\\\Y\]X]^[\^\[]\X[Y[Y[ٙ\[˂'H[Y]H\H\H] XۛZX[H[[\[K]Y[H[HX\[™ܛ\ []\[X[ۂ[H܈H[Z]و[\[\YY\˸'BUS“ӑӸ&T8&TTPԑU8&HS•HPP•[[\][XY&ۙ۸&\\\Xܙ]8&HBHX^[܈وۙۈ[ L[YHXXۂؙ\H[XH HX\[˜[\][ۘ[\\\\^H\H\[و[YX\ق[[[][ ۜ\][ۂܚ[[\Y[ [Y[B H][ۘ[\Hܘ[ [X\[\H\]XܚY]]\ܙ]ۂX[\]X[Y[˜ۜ[[Y[ZH™][H]KH[\\\]\\HH]H\H\BYYH܈]\\X\œ\ ݙ[\[Y[[ݚYHHݙ\܂ZYܘ][\Z[ܝ[]XXYX\H\Yۘ]Y]HوXX[Y[ZX[\\ JK[[\][\[šYHH\\\ۜB[ۙۈ[\YH\[وY\[[YBXY\H[\\B\Yܚ[H[ۋH][[\ۙ۸&\\\XܙX][ۘ[\\H[X[[]\\X\] \ X [[\ H\\\\H[[\][ۘ[]\\H]H܂[Y\]\\Z[ L Z[[ۈ]\و[[]\\^H\[ ˍHZ[[ۂ[HXܛܝX\ۙۋ