Landscape Insight December 2017 - Page 10

MONTH IN REVIEW Thanks so much to the boys who were brace enough to shed their clothes on camera. ’’ Anita Bates, director of marketing and development, Perennial AWARDS WARNES MCGARR AND CO SHORTLISTED FOR NORTHERN DESIGN AWARDS LONDON OXFORD STREET TO BE PEDESTRIANISED BY END OF 2018 London mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled plans to make Oxford Street fully pedestrianised by the end of next year. The street, popular for its retail oferings, will have traic restrictions and public art showcased from Oxford Circus to Selfridges. The irst stage of the scheme is expected to take place in December next year and will help prepare the area for the arrival of the Elizabeth Line. According to the plans, east to west traic will be prohibited but some north to south routes will remain in place. Bus will be rerouted and cyclists will be expected to dismount in the area. Taxi ranks are also set to be widened. Khan said: “Oxford Street is world famous with millions of visitors every year, and in just over a year the iconic part of the street west of Oxford Circus could be transformed into a traic-free pedestrian boulevard. “Whether you’re a local resident, a business, or shop in some of the area’s famous stores, our plans will make the area substantially cleaner and safer for everyone, creating one of the inest public spaces in the world.” 10 Landscape Insight | December 2017 CHARITY NAKED GARDENERS BARE ALL IN PERENNIAL CALENDAR A group of gardeners have stripped of to star in a naked calendar to raise money for Perennial, the charity helping those in horticulture. All proceeds from the Perennial Naked Gardeners Calendar 2018 will go towards helping those working in horticulture and their families during times of crisis. Following the suc \وH MBZY\[\[[\Hܛ\ق[Y\HXܛHܝX[\B[\HX][Hۛۈ\8&BܝXH\[\&HXYY]]\YZ[܈Z\YH\]K^H\Hܘ\YBۘ][\و[\ܝX[\B]\[\^K[]H]\\X܈وX\][˜[][Y[]\[X[ ZY'[]XH\YHYXH܈H[[\[H\XB[\H]H[YYZ\\[۝وH[Y\K]\[H]و[[XZ\HܙX][š[\܈\X\Y ]][[œZ\H[ۙ^H[]\[\وB\X\Hٙ\ܝX[\\˜\HX[Y[Y\˂'\X\\ٝ[HZX[[YB܈HY[][[\œX\[\XY[ X \X][Y[ [[\[[›ۋ]\[X[\\H܈]\[ۙBܚ[[[]\YH[\X\قHܝX[\H[\HY]\^BYY[ 'B\[\Yۈ[[\Bۜ[[H\\X\ \Y[ܝ\Y܈Bܝ\\Yۈ]\܈]™\[]]ۈ[[H M˂H\\ Z[\Y\[\[\Y[H[Y\X[[\[\Yۈ]YܞKH]\[H[[YۈY^H ݙ[X\]B[\[[ X[\\]H[H[\YH^[B[Z[^K\[\Yۙ\ZXY[X\[[\H\Yۙ\ؙ\\\\YۙYB\[]H\\H\X\[XYHY[]\YHYY[ \ۜX[ۈ[\]\BX\\[HBY\˂Z\8&]\\X\X[&B\Yۈ]\ۈ[X]B[H[[X]X[H[B\Y][ۘ[]\[\K[[XY[\]\\[[HZH]YXY[\\]\H[ܙX\\˂]\XYH\[]X[HXY\و]]H[™^[[\[X[B[\Hو][YܛXB܈Y^X]ۛHY B\[[\][