LandEscape Art Review - Page 73

Reagan Lake

LandE scape

take everything in . My work must by an immersive viewing experience for the viewer to fully understand it . The large scale of my work is intentional to conceptualize my ideas . In One Last View , I chose a large-scale print that would allow the viewer to step closer to the edge . In Minutes , again I made a conscious decision that work should be printed true to scale , as I wanted to viewer to be immersed , as I was when I took the photograph .
Elements from environment and reminders to the notion of landscape are particularly recurrent in your imagery and they never plays the role of a mere background . Do you see a definite relationship between environment and your work ?
My work uses the landscape a basis to explore conceptual ideas about the history of locations and the notion of absence . When photographing Lost Piers , I was not drawn by the seascape , but the imagination of the piers that once stood there . The viewers can project their own images of the pier onto the landscape . In One Last View , the beauty of the landscape will draw the viewer into the image , however the conceptual ideas behind the photography juxtapose the serenity of the landscape .
The power of visual arts and especially of photography in the contemporary age is enormous : at the same time , the role of the viewer ’ s disposition and attitude is equally important . Both our minds and our bodies need to actively