LandEscape Art Review - Page 62

LandE scape

Tal Amitai-Lavi
did you choose to center you artistic research on photography ?
I have never been very confident with a paintbrush or a pencil , but with photography I found a way to express my ideas and myself . This was a revelation for me . Photography allowed me to capture images and share my ideas instantly . What I love about photography is that it is the most accessible medium , everyone can relate to it and everyone can appreciate a photograph . But what I was really interested in was getting the viewer to look at something for longer then they normally would . I want to show the viewer something they might have missed , or something they might not ever want to see , to put the viewer in my shoes .
For this special edition of LandEscape we have selected Minutes and Chapel of the Rest , a couple of interesting projects that our readers have already started to admire in the introductory pages of this article . What has at once captured our attention of your research about issues relating to death is the way you provided the visual results of your analysis with autonomous aesthetics : when walking our readers through the genesis of these series would you shed light on your usual process and set up ?
This project was something personal to me and I wanted to investigate where the body goes after we die . I researched every possible outcome and I wanted to see it firsthand . I was going into this project blind , I didn ’ t know what I was going to photograph . I didn ’ t have a plan ; I just researched and visited everything I could possible related to this subject . I take time