LandEscape Art Review - Page 61

Jacob Weeks

LandE scape

influence the way you currently conceive your works ? And in particular , how does the relationship between your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to the aesthetic problem in general ?
Thank you for having me . I loved my time studying on my Masters it helped me pull apart my practice and my ideas . I started to really question why I was making work , and why I wanted people to see it . It was a hard process to go through having just finished my degree and finding a practice I felt comfortable with . My training really opened my eyes open to all different types of art work , being in a cohort of painters , sculptures , illustrators , conceptual , photographic , and video artists . This was a fantastic experience to be in a group with so many different mediums and disciplines . Through the course I wanted to go on a personal journey and to bring the viewer along with me .
Your works reveal an incessant search of an organic symbiosis between a successful attempt to capture elusive features of reality and a tendency towards self-reflection . The results convey together a coherent sense of unity , that rejects any conventional classification . Before starting to elaborate about your production , we would suggest to our readers to visit http :// www . jacobweeks . com in order to get a synoptic view of your multifaceted artistic production : over these years you have experimented with a wide variety mediums , but — as you remarked once — is the one that blew you away was photography . Why