LandEscape Art Review - Page 50

LandE scape Oren Seidner CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW The Cleaning People During every day I stumble across what I believe the society see as the transparent people, just another brick in the wall that does a job that all of us wishes never to do. The cleaning crews, those who keep the floor clean all day long, those who collect our empty coffee mugs, filled with cigarettes and dripping garbage bags, those who mops our toilets and cleaning the street corners. But we can’t see them. I choose to present those people in a moment of a pause in an arctic day The moment of their own. stereotyped cultural categories. Do you consider that your works could be considered political in a certain sense or did you seek to maintain a more neutral approach? And in particular, what could be in your opinion the role that an artist could play in the contemporary society? I believe that our role as artists is diffrenet then politicians speakers from the podium. I do not want "to determine" the narrative, the role of the artist is to make the viewer thinks and explore - but to reach its own conclusions. I personally tend towards more neutral approach, which I present the problem 42