LandEscape Art Review - Page 41

Oren Seidner

LandE scape

I believe that we will see things differently if we will not accept the truth as it is . Any person affected by a " cargo " that he brings with him , where he grew up , the family in which he grew , the socio-economic status of his family as he experiences as a child , as an adolescent and as a person . All of these affect the way in which we look at things . I believe our job as an artists is to help the person to observe in a different way , and show him all truths , those that are on the surface and those which is beneath the surface , as an artists we have the ability to do so .
It goes without saying that the ambience you captured through Metropolis train has an intrinsic symbolic feature for its reminders to daily routes and the defacialization of the people in our everchanging societies : German multidisciplinary artist Thomas Demand once stated that " nowadays art can no longer rely so much on symbolic strategies and has to probe psychological , narrative elements within the medium instead ". What is your opinion about it ? And in particular how do you conceive the balance between the functional aspects of the symbols and the visual unity for the narrative of this series ?
Work " Metropolis train " was actually my first professional work that I did 11 years ago . During this time I did not know , or perhaps more accurately to say I did not understood , that through practical photography , I am able to produce a psychological and narratives aspects . Today , in my current place , I know I went through a journey during the shooting of this work and trough this work ived open up to this places and not just to functional aspects that are clear explanatory , and therefore I tend to agree with the position of the German artist , I think symbolically