LandEscape Art Review - Page 36

LandE scape

Oren Seidner
the genesis of this series would you shed light on your usual process and set up ?
The project " Chaos " started in my bedroom , alone , in an internal dispute with myself , those undergoing internal fights in my head that said " I want to kill myself ", not really myself but maybe my alter ego . And I started to think , how I can transfer these feelings and thoughts to someone else through photography ? I could actually see myself from the side while thinking , appears as a kind of two people , each one pleased and disappointed , angry and the other one calm , sad and happy . I took the camera and started taking pictures immediately , the same day I took six different frames and the next day I went to Mr . Lior Hershkovitz , my lecturer in " dynamics of creation ", he liked the idea and showed me a number of similar works that he knows , and opened my eyes to how I can continue and develop this work , I realized I wanted to take this internal " Chaos " into the districts of humor , in fact I realized during the shooting that in all the mess hide some good , and I began to photograph situations of beauty , friendship , laughter and love . And with each click of the button I loved myself a little bit more . This work represents the therapy I spoked about earlier , through self-anger in my work I reached a Self-acceptance and the viewer gets not only picture , they receive a real glimpse into my soul .
We have appreciated the way Metropolis train captures the uncanny quality of everyday life places , reminding us the notion of non lieu elaborated by French anthropologist Marc Augé : artists are always interested in probing to see what is beneath the surface : maybe one of the roles of an artist could be to reveal unexpected sides of Nature , especially of our inner Nature ... what ' s your view about this ?