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Oren Seidner

An interview by Katherine Williams , curator and Josh Ryder , curator landescape @ europe . com
Visual artist and photographer Oren Seidner ' s work considers the relationship between direct experience and visual intepretation , Oren uses his personal interpetetion to draw the viewers through a multilayered journey . In his projects that we ' ll be discussing in the following pages Oren has extracted personal reflection in front of everyday life with unconventional sensitiveness , to trigger the viewers ' perceptual parameters . One of the most impressive aspects of Seidner ' s work is the way it accomplishes the difficult task of questioning contemporary visualization practice that intends to draw the viewers into an immersive , intense visual experience : we are very pleased to introduce our readers to his stimulating and multifaceted artistic production .
Hello Oren and welcome to LandEscape : we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your multifaceted background . You have a solid formal training and after having attended the The academy of geographic photography ” , Tel Aviv you nurtured your education a portrait photography course at the Gavra Studio , a fashion photography course and the course The dynamic of Creation ” BY Mr . Lior Herchkovitz : how does these experiences influence the way you currently conceive your works ? And in particular , how does the relationship between your cultural substratum inform the way you relate yourself to the aesthetic problem in general ?
I think that studying a variety of styles had given me the opportunity to meet at any time with a different Master of photography , every photographer have a unique worldview ( point of view ) and other photographers that he admired and learn from them , these meetings have allowed me to expand my horizon to new photographers , I got a lot of information about interesting and special different photographers and Their works , new types of art and how art develops . The more you are exposed to new artists and exhibitions your option to develop and define yourself as an artist becomes greater .
Surely , my works are created intuitively and emotionally , but obviously work I Loved affect me . Also the way I make my photos is using the tools I acquired during my studies . I was fortunate to have the ability to show my Ideas and my initial filming to my mentors and received their insights and tips , introduce me to similar photographers and photographic works and give me ideas on how to promote my work to the next level . I kept doing it until I felt I ' m in a more confident place in my artistic sense and know how to develop my work .