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Land scape

Alicia Shahaf lives and works in Tel Aviv , Israel

Oren Seidner lives and works in Tel Aviv , Israel

Jacob Weeks lives and works in Kendal , United Kingdom

Jeremiah D . Stroud lives and works in Schijndel , The Netherlands





Stefan Lesueur lives and works in Portland , USA


Stefan Lesueur
Alicia Shahaf
Argentina / Israel
Jacob Weeks

Igor Notte

lives and works in Berlin , Germany


My interest in space is the source of inspiration for my artistic practice . I use a variety of media , including painting , photography , and installation to communicate my observations and develop a narrative examining the ways in which time , material , and human presence effect the nature of our surroundings . In my ongoing series , Obscura , I examine the relationship between the photographer , the camera , and the space the photographer occupies . The project consists of photos I have taken while traveling , which I manipulate to create the effect of voiding the surrounding environment .
I love stories : Life stories , questions of human mental sanity boundaries , cultural identity and gender identity , memory and how them affect life stories . My family history makes me want to explore and touch an exposed nerve . Memories , words , pain , and love . The narrative of the images I create range from private to general , between the intimate and personal to political and social . My cultural space was created from the inside and from the ongoing movement – between countries and languages , and from the dialogues with creators from different artistic disciplines . Each series of works begin with an idea , when photography is a visual basis .
Who we are ? Where we are going ? And why ? In our culture we do not like to discuss issues relating to death or even mention it even though the one thing that we all have in common is that one-day we will all die . As humans we are fearful of death and do not want to face it , in juxtaposition to this , we are also fascinated with death and like Freud agrees ; we all have an ‘ unconscious desire to die .’ This is a personal project and journey investigating what happens after we die ? These series are exploring the journey of the body through cremations and the uncanny spaces of the chapels of rest . This project will bring us all closer and together and open up the taboo surrounding death with my photography , and push the viewer into spaces where they wouldn ’ t ideally choose to be .

Christin Bolewski

lives and works in Loughborough , United Kingdom

Cynthia Brannvall

lives and works in Berkeley , CA , USA

Anna Baranska

lives and works in Lublin , Poland
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Special thanks to Haylee Lenkey , Martin Gantman , Krzysztof Kaczmar , Joshua White , Nicolas Vionnet , Genevieve Favre Petroff , Sandra Hunter , MyLoan Dinh , John Moran , Marya Vyrra , Gemma Pepper , Michael Nelson , Hannah Hiaseen and Scarlett Bowman , Yelena York Tonoyan , Haylee Lenkey , Martin Gantman , Krzysztof Kaczmar and Robyn Ellenbogen .
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