LandEscape Art Review - Page 28

LandE scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW Oren Seidner Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel An artist's statement n my work I document the Ivarious aspects of society through investigation and personal observation. The existential chaos outbreak reflects society as a whole; Raising questions about our place as individuals. What are the gloomy and bright shades of the event that we are experiencing? The constant search for connecting with human emotions – those who are unknown to us, who we can relate to and be fascinated by, reveal the essence of my work that extract personal reflection poses in front of everyday life. Chaos, In Greek mythology – the source of the existing, the early creation of the gods, and the world division. The equivalent to chaos in Genesis Book and in Canaanite mythology is the primal abyss. So here it all begins, Chaos, a huge mess of thoughts and faces, as we walk around with our lives, some of us consciously and subconsciously shared and ignorance. a tremendous float of thoughts, of characters inside us that accept us, that judge us and hate us. Is that how it should be? Is it just my imagination? Or rather just like in mythology, this mess or recognition in this mess is the beginning of my life? Oren Seidner 22