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Alicia Shahaf
Land scape
I talked about this issue in an earlier question In general I believe in a simple artistic language , so everyone can understand , with visual representations reasoned and high quality as possible . I want to create experiences , inspire feelings , thoughts and emotions . It starts with myself - if it makes me ask questions , thoughts , if it excites me and gives me a profound experience - so I hope it will do something also for those who will see my work .
Thank you for this in-depth interview It ’ s nice to stop and examine my work from time to time I am currently working on a series that really moves me , a socio-political issue from a personal perspective . I ' m just at the beginning of the new project . This is the period I love the most - testing , examining the approaching , the artistic language . At this point I examine every idea - crazy as can be - that comes to my mind .
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