LandEscape Art Review - Page 24

Land scape
Alicia Shahaf
pictures away , I knew I would return to them someday . After a few months I realized it was time , and when I opened the library on the computer I was horrified to see the photos were garbled . It took a while to figure out what happened . It was really scary : the photographs splited , brutally cutted . Their colors were stained sick , phosphorus . When I calmed down a bit I started to test them and try to understand what I can do with them . Suddenly I saw the charm . The reality gone awry , it felt so accidental , so symbolic . I realized that I have a great series here , without having planned it , it happened quite by accident , when my computer decided what to do with these photos . My intervention was choosing the right frames and returning the original gray color . In this series I can see the connection with the fantastic worlds Cortazar made .