LandEscape Art Review - Page 23

Alicia Shahaf
Land scape
questions about aesthetics and politics and the world we live in .
This series started - like much of my work – with my personal connection to Julio Cortazar . This writer wrote texts that touch me . I really feel them in my body . His writing is surrealist , he creates new worlds , impossible in reality , turns me over and over again to engage in these texts and transform them into images , create new worlds that begin in the real and dive deep into dream , emotional worlds .
It may sound funny , but this series was born from a mistake . I ' ll explain : I shot Efrat on the roof of my studio in Tel Aviv . Efrat is a dear friend , the daughter of a very famous woman in Israel . Efrat ’ s mother established a dance company , one of the best in the country . We talked a lot about things we have in common and we decided to make a photo session on the roof . She brought a white fabric - it looks like a diaper or a shroud . She danced , played with the fabric , slowly took out her clothes and I photographed . Some frames were very good . I put those