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Anna Baranska
Land scape
CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW been shown , it is beyond my reach . I give it to the audience and wait for feedback .
The issue of audience reception in the process of decision making is significant insofar as I have a feeling that I try to create a multilayered world and avoid providing explicit answers , and instead I build a story for everyone to interpret in their own way . Such multifaceted interpretations on the part of the audience took place for example during my PhD thesis defence . My works evoked radically different emotions and associations . Everyone responded to my works in their own , unique way , which I found absolutely fascinating . There is not only the world that I created , but there are multiple worlds created by the viewers .
I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present my works in LandEscape .
My future plans are very extensive and their realisation is going to take time as there are so many ideas on my mind . My last project “ Silence , serenity , emptiness – invites , entices , calls ,” which also served as a basis for my PhD thesis , is a kind of a signpost or a guideline I would like to follow . Traditional canvas paintings are a background on which I project videos ; in this way two works made with the use of different media blend into one . As an artist , I benefitted a lot from realizing the project , which involved a mindset evolution and led to the maturation of my standpoint and artistic creation . I managed to overcome certain technological barriers and gained new knowledge as well as a new perspective on art . I hope this will be more evident in my future projects . Currently I am working on a project under the working title “ The natural and anthropogenic environment . Tracing the relationship with the use of video , sound and painting .” Here I also combine traditional painting with the use of textured primers , video and sound .
I will certainly continue painting , including works serving as backgrounds for video presentations . In the near future I would like to develop the techniques of painting over zinc plating and on glass as well as verre églomisé . In 2017 , I am planning to realise a cycle of graphics in which I intend to use original graphics techniques , a combination of workshop graphics with painting . The use of primers , selfdeveloped modelling clay as well as natural and synthetic glues gives very interesting effects . The matrices are spatial or textural paintings that are rubbed with block printing ink and used to make imprints , thus creating spectacular results . I do not limit myself to only one technique and likewise , I do not intend to restrict myself to one subject matter ; indeed , recently I have been observing nature and the environment much more carefully . I am planning to work on videos individually and in cooperation with Michal Baranski .
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