LandEscape Art Review - Page 210

Land scape
Anna Baranska
The rejection of physicality or the purely visual approach to painting enables everyone to perceive and experience a work in their own way . When a space is not clearly defined , our brain starts searching for a place or event we took part in and tries to adjust it to the existing situation . For some viewers the same blurred landscape will be a nice recollection of a successful trip , whereas for others it will be an unpleasant experience of a tragedy they may have witnessed . While creating the works , I try to reconstruct certain places , which have already been distorted by the imperfect human memory as well as the omnipresent emotional theme . What is more , I deliberately eliminate certain details , which might otherwise deprive a work of its universal meaning . Memory is crucial in the process of creating the paintings , but it is the emotional memory that focuses on the situation rather than the memory of a place itself . We often find ourselves in an extraordinary , stressful or dangerous situation and we find it impossible to remember any details ; what remains is a general overview of the place where we were . However , even after many years we are able to describe the feelings we experienced at that time , ranging from fear to fascination .