LandEscape Art Review - Page 209

Anna Baranska Land scape CONTEMPORARY ART REVIEW The starting point of painting is always a realistic theme, which in its literal form appears only at the planning and sometimes underpainting stages and later on becomes blurred to make its interpretation ambiguous. In the cycles “Travelling through unconscious” and “Lost horizon” the audience is invited to view a landscape. To me, this is an almost literal act of entering the painting, a subconscious journey into the space that the viewer is invited to make. Everyone will experience it as a journey in a totally different scenery accompanied by individual emotions and associations. was not so spare in the past. I used to create very intensive paintings often dominated by reds, with a greatly varied colour palette and choice of themes. The cycle “Lost horizon” is very oniric, suffused with emptiness in the sense of literal representation, but at the same time abundant in terms of its interpretation. In this way I build an image bordering between reality and abstraction, I give the viewer the possibility to interpret the presented theme, which in this case is a landscape, but I do not make it explicit. The emptiness permeating the image is at the same time the full message I intended to convey.