LandEscape Art Review - Page 20

Land scape
Alicia Shahaf
to shout out loud political and social issues . This is the reason I made two major projects : ( http :// alicia . shahaf . com /? p = 38 ) and
( http :// alicia . shahaf . com /? p = 962 ). There are 2 shows exhibited all over the country . I photographed portraits of women and men victims of sexual violence . There are strong , clear and huge portraits .
I believe that art should be accessible . I do not care talking only about artistic theory . It remains obvious for those who studied art and familiar with the codes of the artistic community . I ' m interested to make good art that communicates with the “ regular ” people . I love alternative spaces , I love bringing the art to the streets , I love the idea of art that comes out of the “ white cube ” and create a dialogue with people . I think that offering people to see art in the streets is to offer them to ask