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Land scape
C o n t e m p o r a r y A r t R e v i e w
Igor Notte
Anna Baranska
Jeremiah D . Stroud
Christin Bolewski
Oren Seidner
Cynthia Brannvall
Finland / Germany
Life is done of shades and through the experience we learn a way to interpret the shadings . I believe that the creative process is absolutely an unit that works better if the experiences became a fuel . Simple experiences or complex , direct or indirect , doesn ' t matter . The experience is a spark that creates a series of inner events , and they form the thought itself . The strongest is the experience lived and direct . Then for example we can read of other ' s experiences and also this fact forms the thought , but it is a different thing because it has the power to remove or hide truth and meanings for example . So it ' s better to be conscious of the value that we give ourselves to the experiences that we do in the life .
Special Issue
Born in 1981 . From 2001 to 2006 she studied Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts Maria Curie- Sklodowska University in Lublin . . Since 2006 she has worked in her mother school , firstly as a graduate student instructor in the Department of Traditional and Experimental Graphic Art , then since 2009 as a teaching assistant . She specializes in Painting , Video and Photography . In her works , she touches time passing issues as well as political , cultural and anthropological problems . These sets of works are made in oil on canvas ( size of each 130x160cm ) with using a lot glaze technique . Landscape was a starting point for each of the paintings , but with glaze i was trying to make it more abstract
The biggest problem with a blank fresh canvas , is it feels finished . It is a simple polished design . I assume the duty of debeautifying this image . Starting like an unrehearsed recital , my canvas is a stage for an impromptu performance in which it can get sloppy . Smearing , staining , spraying , slashing and even re-configuring the platform of a painting , I step into the wide unending history of Abstraction . This catalog of actions and plasticity of mark-making provides me with a chaos in which I am comfortable to start the restraint process . I have to give in to a formidable design ; this is where the use of flat negative space comes into play . When I speak of play , I do mean a space to remove marks or add textures in the medium . The play , becomes a first step in a long tedious methodology that results in the beginning of a grand design of the image .
Christin Bolewski is a digital media artist and filmmaker from Germany . She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Practice at Lough-borough University UK Her artwork is a critical investigation of the potential of digital media to expand the aesthetic possibilities of audiovisual / film art . It includes video installation , genre mix , alternation and remediation of traditional art concepts and film structures , nonlinear storytelling , combination of still and moving image , video and photography . She often works with and makes reference to literature and philosophy and explores text as a third element together with moving image and sound .
In my work I document the various aspects of society through investigation and personal observation . The existential chaos outbreak reflects society as a whole ; Raising questions about our place as individuals . What are the gloomy and bright shades of the event that we are experiencing ? The constant search for connecting with human emotions – those who are unknown to us , who we can relate to and be fascinated by , reveal the essence of my work that extract personal reflection poses in front of everyday life .
I love stories : Life stories , questions of human mental sanity boundaries , cultural identity and gender identity , memory and how them affect life stories . My family history makes me want to explore and touch an exposed nerve . Memories , words , pain , and love . The narrative of the images I create range from private to general , between the intimate and personal to political and social . My cultural space was created from the inside and from the ongoing movement – between countries and languages , and from the dialogues with creators from different artistic disciplines . Each series of works begin with an idea , when photography is a visual basis .